The Story of Wiffen

We strive to give the best of technology and energy efficiency in simple concepts.


We at Wiffen Products Pty Ltd have provided instant boiling water and instant chilled filtered water needs to Australian, Singaporeans and New Zealanders for over 17 years.

The company's owner John Wiffen has over 35 year's experience in instant boiling water and instant chilled water manufacturing. John is a tool maker by trade and was the leader in undersink boiling water technology with the invention of the venturi, which allows our undersink units to work on water pressure alone, so there is no need for complex electronic control boards, pumps, sensors or electronic taps, making the Boiling Billy™ the most energy efficient unit on the market!

Boiling Billy™ was started in 1993 as a family run business, which it remains today. It has a broad range of products, the most common being the above sink products which include the JR (Economy), JE (Standard), and SBB (Supreme) range of boilers. We also manufacture a MBC (Boiling/chilled) wall mounted unit.

The JE Series enables customers to serve up to 300 people at one time with our 60Litre unit. This can also be increased by the use of bigger elements (KW).

Our undersink series includes the GT(Green Boiling), GTBC(Green Combined Boiling/Chilled), TD (Boiling), BBCM (Combined Boiling/Chilled), BCM (Chiller/Ambient), BBM (Boiling/Ambient) DM (Boiling/Hot) and the MC (Chilled). Our units cover all types of purposes whether you need boiling, chilled, ambient or hot water. Your needs will be fulfilled with Boiling Billy™.

All our units either run on 1.8Kw or 2.4Kw elements. We have no other power consuming devices fitted as standard so we run a very green unit. Almost all Boiling Billy™ units are 100% Australian made and 98% recyclable, even our filter cartridges are recyclable!!

Boiling Billy™ is used in everything from canteens, coal mines, and oil rigs to the corporate boxes of the MCG.

For the most efficient, value for money units you can't go past a Boiling Billy™.