Installation & Maintenance:

UltiMix Series

IMPORTANT - Please read

"ULTIMIX" dispenses BOILING water – Please treat with care.
Do not use the "ULTIMIX" for washing hands

Important: this unit must be installed by an authorised plumber.
Warning: unit is to be connected in accordance with as3500.4.1 or as/nzs 3500.4.2
Supply pressure minimum – 200 Kpa, maximum – 2000 Kpa
Supply temperature – 5 deg to 35 deg
This unit is fitted with a computerised element and boil dry protection.
Altitude will alter temperature (refer back to manufacturer)
Warning: Do not switch on power until water runs out of tap.

* Rapid action ¼ turn tap handles
* No drainage or overflow is required
* The tap vents through the tap spout

Components supplied with the unit;

  • Chiller unit

  • Boiling water unit

  • Tap dispenser

  • Aquaknect flexible connector – 450mm long (Do not over tighten)

  • Combined dual check valve with 350 Kpa PLV (Connected to boiling water unit)

* If fitted with filter we recommend changing the cartridge every 6 months
* The manufacturer recommends the cleaning and service of the unit every 12 months

Please leave these instructions with the owner.


Installation instructions – model ULTIMIX series

Do not plug in or turn on power - Unit must be positively earthed

  1. Position the tap head on a flat area in an appropriate location (i.e. Tea room sink), Drill 38mm diameter hole, washer supplied.
  2. Position boiling water unit underneath the sink directly beneath the tap head.
    1. Observe attached labels (ensure when pipes are cut – deburr ends before fitting).
    2. Connect 5/16” outlet from the tap head spout to the boiling water unit, NB: The pipe must not be extended and must have continuous fall between tap and boiling water unit.
    3. Connect inlet pipe from the tap body to the boiling water unit (inlet).
    4. Connect main water supply from the tap body to the outlet side of the filter head.
    5. Connect the 3/16” nylon tube from the tap to the 3/16” copper vent pipe on the boiling water unit. (heat nylon tube ends in boiling water to ensure easier fitting).
    6. Position the chiller unit adjacent to the boiling water unit with a minimum clearance between the units of no less than 50mm.
    7. Connect inlet and outlet pipes from the tap head to chiller unit as per markings.
    8. Connect aquaknect flexible hose to PLV (inlet side of the filter head).
  3. Open both taps until the water is flowing from both spouts. 18 litres of water must be flushed through filter before turning on power.
  4. Plug units into the power point and switch on.
Please note: When fitting this unit in a cupboard of small proportion, please note that these units omit heat. If in doubt install cross flow vents.
Warning: Do not connect to hot water line – to do so will void warranty.


ultimix install



Action to be performed by a qualified person.

No Water Water supply turned off Check mains supply
Blocked Filter Replace Cartridges
Water not hot Faulty element and computer Replace dual computerised element
No power supply Check and test power supply
Water overflowing from tap spout Expansion chamber full Run tap for 5 – 10 mins, this will correct water level in expansion tank
Low inlet pressure Contact manufacturer
Boiling On Replace element
Excessive steam from tap Fault element Replace element
The boiling water unit is designed to have no less than 150ml off at any one time.



Action to be performed by a qualified person.

No water Water supply turned off Check mains supply
Blocked Filter Replace cartridges
Water not cold Thermostat Not set correctly
Loss of gas Contact manufacturer
Failed fan Contact manufacturer
No power supply Check and test power supply
Poor ventilation Clean cabinet louvers (if fitted) & condenser fins - these units need ventilation
Faulty element

Replace element