Boiler Safety Package Option


Installation & Maintenance:

Remote Controlled Underbench Boiler Safety Package Option

  1. Turn off power and water to boiler water unit. (B.W.U.)
  2. Undo ¼” compression nut and olive on inlet side of B.W.U.
  3. Cut and deburr inlet pipe to B.W.U. approximately 50mm below bottom of tap.
  4. Fit solenoid valve (12V) supplied to bottom on inlet pipe.
    (Important: Direction of arrow points down to B.W.U.)
  5. Cut existing inlet pipe with ¼” nut and olive to size and refit to solenoid valve and B.W.U.
  6. Secure computer box to inside of cabinet close to unit and 10 Amp power supply.
  7. Plug into power outlet and turn on power to safety package and B.W.U. unit.
  8. Turn on water to unit.
  9. To use boiling water unit push large button key remote control quickly. Do not hold down. Turn tap handle and use as usual. To disable B.W.U. push smaller button on remote control quickly.


This safety package has a built in timer which automatically disables the B.W.U. after 10 minutes of operation. To use again, repeat Step 9.


Solenoid valve power rating: 36 watts at 12 VDC
Power draw at 240V Mains: 0.15 Amp (One Sixth of an Amp).